Tuesday, January 16, 2007

One for the money

Greetings internet surfers and procrastinators at large-
This is a blog about navigating the in's and out's of graduate school--more specifically: the in's and out's of being a female PhD student in a typically male-dominated field (geosciences). I plan to use this blog to record my experiences throughout the entire process of receiving my PhD degree:
writing publications, taking those dreaded qualifying exams (mine are in April (gasp!!)), generally getting people to take me seriously as a scientist, entering the competitive world of academic job searches, my life as a grad student in general, etc.

I hope to (maybe) inspire fellow aspiring scientists, at least by reassuring some folks that if I can do it (and I hope I can!) they can do it; create a broader network of women and minorities (and those white boys interested in diversity issues) in the sciences; make myself practice my writing; and generally create another way for me to put off the things that I am supposed to be doing in order to post them. (I think therein lies the primary contradiction in starting a blog of this nature...but, I'm a young, female geophysicist with tatoos, so, eff it, I'm learning to embrace those contradictions).

So, thanks for being willing to begin the journey of acheiving official "Pretty huge Dork" status with me, cuz we all know what "PhD" really stands for...

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