Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"No-Complaining Tuesday"

Welcome, friends, to the first of what may very well be a series of installments in which I attempt to focus on the many things which are right and good with my life as a grad student. Take note, however, that your intrepid writer is: 1) extremely flaky and 2) extremely busy. A character trait and mitigating circumstance that may render today's post the first in a series of, well, one.

First, I have two supervisors/comittee members who are REALLY looking out for me. True, they might casually pile on 20 hours worth of work at a moments notice, but it is for my own good. They don't want to see my choke at my qualifying exam which is less than a month away!!

Second, how cool is my future husband? The T-dawg has been busy transforming our yard into a garden, cooking me dinner, reminding me to not drink too much coffee in the afternoons and has just plain been believing in me.

Third, I am almost halfway finished with my dissertation proposal that is due in immaculate form two weeks from Thursday. And I can friggin see the light at the end of that tunnel! Sorta.

So, it's not all bad here in the Lone Star State.

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