Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Out of the Dark Age

...or something.
My department is famous, unfortunately, for being rather male-dominated. Out of 30 full-time faculty, only one is a woman. There is hope however, in that the department is going on an all out hiring binge that will hopefully bring in more folks than old, white dudes (very Texas, no?).

But there is recent good news: that lone female professor (who is an amazing researcher and is highly respected in the field, chairs many committees both nationally and within the department and was president of the Geological Society of America in the 90's) has been named the new department chair. I think this move is important in encouraging talented women scientists to apply for positions within the department and shows dedication on the part of the higher-ups to highlighting 'diversity' as a priority.



A+ said...

You've been tagged!

chou said...

Not in the physical sciences (food science) but our female department head really sets a great tone for the department. Hope yours does the same.