Wednesday, May 2, 2007

For real, though

Ok. Some brilliant scientist really needs to do a study on how time flies!! This past month has been cr-azay.
I am an official PhD candidate! My qualifying exam was easily the most horrible thing that has ever happened to me in my life--when I left the room while my committee decided my fate I was pretty resigned to giving up on geophysics and becoming a yoga instructor, or working in a yarn store.
But somehow, they decided that I'm worthy and let me pass--without even any additional coursework--hell yeah! Though there were definitely things that I need to brush up on. (Since when can a geophysicist not draw a freakin' travel time curve?!? I don't know where my brain went on that one.)

I may do some further posts on the exam itself--but, who really wants to hear about that?

A new Scientiae Carnival is up. You can read the posts here.

I also want to than A+ and Lab Cat for their comments recently!


A+ said...

CONGRATULATIONS! You did it. Do you feel like a new woman? I sure didn't but I was never so glad to have something over with.

Way to go :)

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